Various, Hyperdub 10.1, Decadubs 1 and 2
Various, Hyperdub 10.1, Decadubs 1 and 2


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 ‘Hyperdub 10.1’, is a double CD release with two corresponding vinyl releases, covering the label’s dance floor dimension with new tracks and catalogue.

Disc 1,  features almost all new material from Hyperdub regulars such as Kode9 & The Spaceape, Quarta 330 and DJ Rashad, along with old and new allies.

The pace picks up on the second half of the CD with a volley of woozy and twisted footwork from most of the key members of Chicago's Teklife crew. Taso & Djunya's Darwinian 'Only The Strongest Survive' descends into DJ Spinn's bombastic 'All My Teklife', DJ Taye's fizzling R&B jam, 'Get Em Up', the immaculate diva vocal cut-up of'I'm Gonna Get You', DJ Rashad and Gantman's squiggly banger 'Acid LIfe', and the stone cold 'Icemaster' by Heavee. Earl, Rashad & Taye's 'Bombaklot' takes Hyperdub full circle with a yardcore bomb like a 2014 upgrade of the label's early days. 

Disc 2 spotlights 17 high points of Hyperdub’s last half-decade, proven dance floor material  from the grittier end of UK funky, grime, dubstep, hip hop and footwork.

On vinyl - HDB082 (Decadubs 1) is the single vinyl with tracks from Mala, Kuedo and Kode9.

HDB083 (Decadubs 2) is the 2 x vinyl and is mainly footwork 



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DVA - Mad Hatter
Kyle Hall - Girl U So Strong
Mala - Expected (Level 10)
Kuedo - Mtzpn
Kode9 - Xingfu Lu (Helix Rmx
Morgan Zarate - Kaytsu
Flowdan - Ambush (Produced by Footsie)
Taso & Djunya - Only The Strong Will Survive
DJ Spinn - All My Teklife
DJ Taye - Get Em Up
DJ Earl - I'm Gonna Get You
Heavee - Icemaster
DJ Rashad & Gant - Man - Acid Life
DJ Earl - Bombaklot, feat DJ Rashad & DJ Taye
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Chasing A Beast
Quarta 330 - Hanabi
DVA - Technical Difficulties
Champion - Powercut
Ikonika - Tug Zone