Various Artists, Diggin' In The Carts
Various Artists, Diggin' In The Carts
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The album is a deluxe 2 x gatefold Vinyl featuring an exclusive manga by Koji Morimito based on an extract from the Kode9 and Nick Dwyer's entertaining 'backstory' to the project which you can read here

The details are - 180 gram coloured vinyl - 1 x Orange Vinyl , 1 x Green.
3 x 12 inch 100 gsm card inserts (the manga, the cover artwork and the backstory to the diggin in the carts album).
Download card.
Hyperdub are proud to present Diggin’ In The Carts, a collection of rare and pioneering Japanese video game music. 
This release builds on the critically acclaimed Red Bull Music Academy documentary series of the same name that has chronicled the history and global influence of this exciting early strain of electronic music. 

Researched and curated by Diggin’ In The Carts writer / co-director Nick Dwyer and Hyperdub label head Kode9, the collection plunges deep into the rare archives of the chip era of Japanese video game music. Out on November 17th on CD and digital, with a vinyl run to follow, the collection features artwork by renowned Japanese anime artist and Studio °4C founder Koji Morimoto, who directed Memories and Animatrix and who’s distinctive style is in many well known anime.
Please Note two tracks , "Waltz of Water and Bubbles (Liquid Kids)" and "Area 26-10 (Metal Black)" are  "Album Only" due to licensing restrictions.
Konami Kukeiha Club - Opening (Cosmic Wars)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Mazed Music (Nemesis)
Norio Nakagata - Big Mode (Genpel Touma Den)
Michiharu Hasuya - Hidden Level (Solomon's Key)
Konami Kukeiha Club - A Planet Of Plants (Nemesis II)
Manabu Saito - Telepathy (Chatty)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Equipment (Nemesis 3 The Eve Of Destruction)
Konami Kukeiha Club - BGM 3 (Motocross Maniacs)
Toshiya Yamanaka - Visual Scene 1&2 (Wer Dragon)
Goblin Sound - Opening (Hisou Kihei X-Serd)
Tadahiro Nitta - An-Un [Ominous Clouds] (Xak II)
Yuzo Koshiro - Temple (Actraiser)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Road To Agartha (Moryou Senki MADARA
Hiroyuki Kawada - King Erekiman (The Legend of Valkyrie)
Katsuro Tajima - Exercise (Mega Panel)
Goblin Sound - Game Over (Hisou Kihei X-Serd)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Beyond The Terminus (Block Hole)
Kazuko Umino (Zuntata) Waltz of Water and Bubbles (Liquid Kids)
Hiroto Saitou - Main Stage BGM 1 (Time Cruise II)
Yasuhisa Wantanabe (Zuntata) - Area 26-10 (Metal Black)
Hiroto Saitou - Site 3-1 [Torrid City] (Metal Stoker)
Tadahiro Nitta - Metal Area (Illusion City)
Hiroto Saitou - Site 6-2 (Metal Stoker)
Mausmi Itou - Tactics 4 (Super Royal Blood)
Goblin Sound - My Phase [Stage 12-14] (Vixen 357)
Hiroaki Yoshida - Kyoushin [Lunatic Forest] (Dragon Gun)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Underwater Dungeon - (Esper Dream 2)
Technosoft - Shooting Stars (Thunder Force IV)
Soshi Hosoi - Mister Diviner ( The Majhong Touhhaiden)
Jun Ishikawa - Main Theme (Alcahest)
Kazuhiko Nagai - Keel (Golden Axe II - The Duel)
Koichi Ishibashi - Bad Data (Dezaemon)
Yasuaki Fujita - What is Your Birthday (Tarot Mystery)
Kazuo Hanzawa - Oblivious Past (Alien Soldier)