Terror Danjah, Dark Crawler
Terror Danjah, Dark Crawler

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Terror Danjah’s second Hyperdub album is Dark Crawler, a well paced and much more upfront and energetic journey through his musical world than his debut  ‘Undeniable’.

The album revolves around the 'Dark Crawler’ theme, a blistering Grime track that pops up several times vocaled by MC’s Riko Dan, Mayhem, Deadly and Saf One, and then lastly Trim and Kossie.

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Dark Crawler Intro
Mirrors Edge feat. Lex Envy
Dark Gremlinz feat. DOK
Air Max 90 feat. Champion
Dark Crawler Interlude feat. Riko Dan
Full Hundred
Rum Punch
Dark Crawler Interlude feat. Mayhem, Deadly & Saf One
You Make Me Feel feat. Meleka
Baby Oil
Dark Crawler Interlude feat. Trim & Kozzie
Delicately feat. Ruby Lee Ryder
Dark Crawler Outro