Lady Lykez, Woza EP
Lady Lykez, Woza EP

Lady Lykez teams up with Scratchclart for an explosive second EP.

When two of the most original talents collaborate you know you're in for something special.  Lady Lykez' high energy, witty, razor-sharp rhymes leave you gasping while Scratchclart flexes with galaxy brain musical production. 


With the five tracks the pedal is pressed to the floor from the start. From the 8 bar, Gqom influenced Woza featuring South African MC Toya Delazy on the chorus, to the buzzing Killa Bee, which has a rhythm that messes with your head and a video that's going to make you laugh your ass off. Pull Down co-produced with Lady Lykez is a hazy dancehall riddim with hilarious double entendres that would make Bernie Mac blush, while Bully Dem ( with extra help from DJ Polo), has a tumbling bassline that's indebted to amapiano, with horn and organ stabs, and rolling drums and Lykez' athletic vocals switching effortlessly between singing and MCing. The EP finishes with Shapez, where Lykez gives some self-love, with the elusive MC, Trim appearing in agreement on the chorus, astride Scratchclart’s anthemic ‘Crash’ drum track, which was the basis of his recent, self-released riddim album.


The EP title Woza means 'come on' in Zulu, so you know what to do, as nobody sounds as imaginative. 


Woza Ft Toya Delazy
Killa Bee
Pull Down
Bully Dem
Shapez Ft Trim