King Midas Sound, Without You
King Midas Sound, Without You

Without You is a remix album compiled of reworks and reinterpretations of it's original template 2009's Waiting For You. It features contributions from Kuedo, D Bridge, Flying Lotus, Nite Jewel, Gang Gang Dance, Cooly G, Rob Lowe, Joel Ford, Hype Williams, Kode9 & The Spaceape, Mala, DeepChord, Green Gartside and Ras G. 


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Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Rework)
Without You (D-Bridge Revoice)
Lost (Flying Lotus Rework)
Earth A Kill Ya (Gang Gang Dance Rework)
Tears (Kiki Hitomi Revoice)
Spin Me Around (Cooly G Revoice)
Goodbye Girl (Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Rework)
Say Somethin' (Joel Ford Revoice)
Lost (Nite Jewel Rework)
Sumtime (Hype Williams Rework)
Meltdown (Kode9 And The Spaceape Rework)
Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Rework)
Goodbye Girl (Deep Chord Presents Echospace Rework)
Come And Behold (Green Gartside Revoice)
Cool Out (Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program Rework)