ikonika, Bubble Up EP
ikonika, Bubble Up EP

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Released 25th November 2022

Ikonika aka Sara Chen comes back with a joyful and refreshing new direction on the 'Bubble Up EP', a 5 track EP which follows self released tracks and a single on Club Djembe. 

Bubble Up EP' is a switch in style and mood which showcases a confident and poppy sound in a sultry, sweet spot that highlights her knack for a sparkling catchy synth melody, rolling Amapiano and vintage deep house influences, plus adds a rare sprinkling of her own low key vocals on three songs. 

The title track has already had lots of strong DJ support over the summer, also Sara recently debuted her Bubble Up live set at Berlin's Panorama Bar.

Sara describes the songs that feature her singing; 'Bubble Up' and 'When You Look At Me' as 'queer love anthems for the dance floor'. On 'Bubble Up' she coos and whispers over pumping Log Drums and bass, while on 'When You Look At Me' her blunt but yearning vocals pour over an intense lattice of synth arpeggios.

Opener 'JSUK' is a perfect marriage of gliding synths and ambient piano melodies that nod to early Italian house with intricate Amapiano drums and bass. 'Energy' is heads down, driving mix of vintage techno and Amapiano with whispered vocals and ad libs.  'Dirty Tetris' concludes the EP and gallops along with airy call and response melodies, beautifully balancing the deep and the poppy side of her sound.

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Bubble Up
When You Look At Me
Dirty Tetris