Iceboy Violet & Nueen - You Said You'd Hold My Hand Through The Fire
Iceboy Violet & Nueen - You Said You'd Hold My Hand Through The Fire

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The First Single 'Closer' and Second 'Pixel Petals' are  available with the preorder - the album is released on 7th June on CD / LP / Digital - including flac and 24 bit wav

We're excited to bring you this collaboration between Spanish Producer Nueen and Manc vocalist / rapper Iceboy Violet, who has previously sprinkled their magic dust across Hyperdub releases from aya and Loraine James. The album traces the arc of a four year relationship,  In Iceboy's words - 'fondly memorialising its highs and documenting its lows, trying to process and reflect positively and then ending with the ecstatic but ominous spark of new love.' Between them they've made an album that's magical, intimate and heartfelt, sometimes anguished but ultimately re-enchanting.

Iceboy and Nueen mutually admired their like-minded approach to making ambient music on recent solo releases and started swapping ideas for collaboration. Nueen sent beats at an almost overwhelming rate, which matched the speed and sharpness of Iceboy's emotions while they processed the end of the aforementioned relationship, creating songs which helped them process and navigate through the mental fog. The tracks were finished with Iceboy zooming in and chiselling the details, all finished in 3 months.

Nueen's music responds with foggy, but richly detailed grainy production. There are Smudgy, drill-laced beats contrasting with curdled, spiralling chords and at times he seems to isolate elements from Burial's palette and intensifies them, like SM FID's fire-like crackles. At other times, he draws out a malevolent ambience which feels elemental and troubling like on Cement Skin. Friends and collaborators switched up some of these songs, with artist Harriet Morley as the first voice on the album and Dawuna adding their rugged silky background vocals around Still's descriptions of black hair braiding and lives intimately intertwined. The album's final track, Kiss Me Again is blessed with young Manchester singer Bennettiscoming as a softening foil to Iceboy's coarse rapture.

You Said You'd Hold Me Through The Fire is an immensely affecting and lucid album, powerfully wrought and ultimately hopeful. 

Heartbreak of a Broken Stitch (feat. Harriet Morley)
Everything Ends With An Inhale
Cement Skin
Pixel Petals
Slammd (Interlude)
Terrence's Time Bomb
Fragmentary (Eraser)
Inside My Head (Interlude)
Still (feat. Dawuna)
Fawning (Interlude)
6am In Helsinki (Kiss Me Again) (feat. Bennettiscoming)