Heavee, Audio Assault
Heavee, Audio Assault

 We welcome back Heavee to the label for his first full length EP after appearances on the Nextlife comp and our 10th anniversary comp with his classics ‘8 Bit Shit’ and ‘Icemaster’.
Heavee is a queer producer from Chicago who has released an LP on Teklife, a collaboration with Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones for Fractal Fantasy, had his co-production with DJ Rashad, ‘It’s Wack’, featured on Grand Theft Auto and remixed Kelela alongside DJ Spinn.
He's carefully developed a mutant strain of VGM influenced, wavy synthesiser-heavy footwork that shines on 'Audio Assault'.  It's an energetic collection with moody, gliding synth melodies, confident swagger and moments of relaxed harmony, laced with trippy, unexpected production details. Listeners who know the purple sound of vintage Joker and co will hear alot in common with Heavee's sound palette. 
Heavee made the EP with the idea of a VGM soundtrack in mind. He imagined 'Using each track to score a series of moments in battle; the calm before the storm, the showdown, the battle, and the aftermath’, switching mood and pace, and sparring with dancers and listener to keep them on their toes.
All digital downloads are available in high-quality MP3, WAV or FLAC

Eyes on the Horizon
Floor Burn
Time to Rave
Machines Can Talk
Watch Yo Step (Feeling Myself)
Sonic Warfare