Nazar, Guerrilla T-Shirt & album download

This is an exclusive Nazar T-Shirt with a front and back print, adapted from the album sleeve, and Hyperdub hem and neck labels.

Download of Guerrilla by Nazar included

The “portrait” on the cover of my album and T-Shirt is Nazar's  dad.

The photo is from archival footage from the Angolan regime’s state tv channel, at the most crucial moment of the civil war.

The photo was taken at the restart of the dialogue, right after the death in combat of Jonas Savimbi, that led a few weeks later to an ultimate peace treaty - my father is seen amongst his colleagues, members of the party/rebellion’s leadership, around the table to discuss the terms of the everlasting ceasefire with the regime’s representatives and generals.

The camera crews capture close up of the rebellion members tired faces, highlighting the poor grooming that would naturally happen under months of walking through deep forest. To dehumanise is the intention.
Still, in the eyes of the regime, it was a perfect opportunity to humiliate their enemies in the eyes of the world.

My dad and myself wanted to reclaim this image to tell this story. 

Wash 30 Degrees to maintain shape and print. 


Sizes in inches:
Sizes         Length Chest
S          28 16
M        29 20
L          30 22
XL        31 24
2XL      32 26