Terror Danjah, Acid / Pro Plus
Terror Danjah, Acid / Pro Plus

Hyperdub has long been a fan of grime don Terror Danjah's razor sharp productions, his unparalleled, skittering rhythm science, deadly riffs, brilliant technicolour synth squiggles, 'Gremlin cackle' signature and general ear for a catchy tune.

On this first E.P. for Hyperdub, he showcase 2 strains of his many skills. 'Acid' cranks up the energy, with an ascending synth crashing into stuttering drums and synths, before the track unexpectedly breaks into a 4 / 4 house rhythm, and then shatters into pieces again. On 'Pro Plus', Terror is joined by long time collaborator D.O.K for a slice of their classic sound - an infectious, twisted sickly sweet synth melody wrapped around syncopated, stop start drums to mean effect.

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Pro Plus feat. DOK