Scratcha DVA, Afrotek EP
Scratcha DVA, Afrotek EP

Scratchclart returns to Hyperdub with perhaps the peak release so far from a run of brilliant collaborative EPs. Afrotek EP explores his UK Gqom hybridisation of South African and UK dance music, taking it in evermore exciting directions.

The EP starts with the catchy and very fresh Flex feat :3LON, who is an up and coming vocalist and producer from Baltimore. :3LON has previously worked with Moor Mother, Kingdom and others and their smooth delivery of aggressive lyrics compliments Scratchclart's moody Amapiano-influenced production perfectly.

The track is followed by the spirited Bless The Earth, featuring Nottingham MC and one to watch Mez, dropping a bubbling vocal across Scratchclart, DJ Polo and Scottie Dee's Banx Skanx riddim from the recent Bagaman EP. Next up is the dreamy instrumental of Flex called Sleeper, with Scratchclart building the mood with droning notes and woozy, rippling chords.

The EP ends with the title track, a collab with South African producer Mxshi Mo from Pietermaritzburg near Durban. It's a dark creeper that slowly builds seesawing gqom influenced call and response rhythms, sustaining a wonkiness which will have dancers tripping over their feet.

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Flex (:3LON & Scratchclart)
Bless The Earth (Mez & Scratchclart & Scottie Dee & DJ Polo)
Sleeper (Scratchclart)
Afrotek (Mxshi Mo & Scratchclart)
Flex - Extended Mix (:3LON & Scratchclart)