Proc Fiskal, Rt Hon
Proc Fiskal, Rt Hon

Proc Fiskal Rt Hon

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Rt Hon’, the new EP from Proc Fiskal, takes a step back from the dense saturation of his 2021 release ‘Spine Siren Sysex’. This time experimenting with a sparse, clear palette and sound, weaving melodies around slithers of human voices. The tracks utilise extensive sampling, and blending his own and his girlfriend’s voices so that they sound like one another, creating a vocal chimera.

In ‘Pic of U’, the word ‘you’ is drilled repeatedly over sharp notification noises, in a tight pop song format - turning mundane conversation into a ballad.

'Job Centre Cataclysm’ is formed around lines taken from a council letter. Words reconstructed into a weird retching, glottal tune. pulse basslines and lo fidelity square waves twisting together and with the lilting cut up vocal.

‘Pub Utopic’ shifts from hiccuping hybrid grime into unfurling, steaming ambience, 

leaving “Global Lawn’, the final track, which pitches spiralling bubbles of sampled synth around sighing voices. Constructing a club ready and detailed tune that spirals across the stereo spectrum.

Proc Fiskal approaches ‘Rt Hon’ as part-surgeon, part-sculptor and leaves us with a strangely beautiful body of work.

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Pub Utopic
Pic Of u
Job Centre Cataclysm
Global Lawn