Various Artists, HyperSwim
Various Artists, HyperSwim

A compilation we put together with Adult Swim for our 15th Anniversary, with an all star cast and exclusive tracks

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MHYSA, Games 
Okzharp and Manthe Ribane, In Your Own Time 
Ikonika, Primer
Proc Fiscal, Devlish River
DJ Taye, Inferno 
DJ Haram, Get it feat Orion Sun
Angel Ho, Chaos 
Burial, Old Tape
Doon Kanda, Perfume
Mana, Climbing The Walls
Dean Blunt, Darcus 
Scratcha DVA , Baka
Cooly G, Nocturnal
Nazar, Unruly 
Kode9, Cell3
DJ Spinn, Opioids
Lee Gamble, Chain 9 
Laurel Halo, Crush 
Fatima Al Qadiri, Filth