Dj.Mc, Relentless
Dj.Mc, Relentless

Dj.Mc is a producer and DJ from Chicago's Low End projects on the South side. He got interested in music and dancing through watching the Bud Billiken parade through Chicago as a child and joined the South Shore Drill dance team, marching to ghetto house.  After hearing a juke and ghetto house tape by Gant-Man in 1998, he was later inspired to produce, alongside other local producers DJ ROC and EQ-Why while at High School. 

Following this he was mentored by another local producer, Majik Myke and then Gant-Man himself, bonding with the footwork dance Clique Goon Squad along the way. His first international release was on 2010's Bangs and Works comp on Planet Mu, but after a five year break from footwork, he was encouraged to get back into it by DJ Spinn, earlier last year.

Dj.Mc's style is spacey and varied, fresh Footwork variations from Chicago.

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Who Wants Smoke
5 - 4 - 3- 2 - 1
House Goin Viral
Space Godz
Chicago Flow
Go Down